Friday, January 20, 2012

Swim Time is Bonding Time

Parents often sign their children up for swimming lessons with safety foremost on their minds. While safety is obviously a valid reason, there are countless other benefits to getting little ones in the water early on. These advantages start earlier than some might expect. Parents might think infant swimming lessons are just fun and games, but this time spent between parent and child is also a truly special bonding experience.

From the time a parent and infant first meet eyes, they are smitten. Let the bonding begin! This act of intensely attaching to one’s baby is not only a warm and fuzzy feeling. Studies have shown that early bonding between parent and child allows for better socialization later in life and fosters a sense of positive self image and security.

So, what is the best way for a parent to bond with their baby? Skin-to-skin contact. This is why cuddling and hugging their infant are some favorite pastimes of new parents. Add some water to this bonding time and you have infant swimming lessons!

When parents hold their baby in the warm water of the pool and gently bounce them in their arms as they sing and play games, there is obvious bonding taking place. Parent and child are physically connected and baby is learning invaluable water confidence skills at the same time. The warm water instantly relaxes both parent and child and this special time becomes a refreshing break from the day’s stresses. And parents can feel comfortable that their baby is safe with a qualified professional there to gently guide them.

So, give your little one a cuddle, a hug, and add a little water to this special bonding time. Infant swimming lessons provide more than safety. Swim time is bonding time.

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