Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Superhero Swim Instructors

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No! It’s your child’s swim instructor! Swim coaches are not just instructors; they are life-savers. And, as life-savers, they are superheroes, doing the same job that Superman or Batman aims to do. They may not wear red capes or run faster than a speeding bullet, but they are saving children’s lives every day.

By teaching your children how to swim, swim instructors are teaching them to be safer around all kinds of water and situations, from pool parties to beach outings. Children who know how to float, how to swim to the edge of the pool, and how to climb out of the pool can save their own lives. But, really, what saves them is the coaching from their swim instructor. And we all know what a real threat drowning is, especially in our area, as we watch more and more stories of childhood drowning on TV and read them in the newspaper.

But, swimming is not just a life-saving skill; it is a life skill. Think of the countless vacation activities you may engage in that involve water: fishing, boating, canoeing, paddle boarding, surfing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Children must know how to swim in order to be able to be a part of the fun as they are growing up.

And, many professions your child may choose will require swimming skills and/or will take place near water. Some jobs that require swimming skills are an EMT, fire fighter, the armed services, and the Coast Guard. Ask any parent who does not know how to swim and you will hear how concerned they are about not having water rescue skills. You don’t want your child to grow up without these skills.

And swim instructors are creating some of the superheroes of the future too! Knowing how to swim and swim well will have a significant impact on your child’s choice of careers, living situations, and vacationing. Swim coaches are inspiring children to become swim instructors when they grow up. So, if your child is enrolled in swimming lessons, he or she may live out a dream: to be a super hero one day!

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